Mounted Units & Inserts

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Mounted units are two part assemblies: The housing and the bearing insert. There are several housing options that are considered [stock" housings; these are very common in the power transmission industry.A solution to increase reliability and machine uptime INSOCOAT electrically insulated rolling bearings Prevention of electrical erosion in bearings Whenever an electric current passes through rolling bearings, there is a potential threat to the relia-bility of your machines.



TRITAN Mounted Bearings and Inserts. Mounted bearings, sometimes called bearing units or bearing blocks, have a bearing installed in a housing to ease installation and provide additional support for the bearing. They are face or surface mounted in applications where the shaft is perpendicular to the unit.



DODGE P2B-BASP-102 Mounted Units & Inserts

9 Days Grade 0
Radial 7*** series

DODGE P2B-BASO-307 Mounted Units & Inserts

7 9
Joint Ball 6

DODGE P2B-BASO-211 Mounted Units & Inserts

5 Bearings with Housin
Available Flanged Pilot Type

DODGE P2B-BASO-303 Mounted Units & Inserts

[Aluminum Alloy] Alu Yes (with retaining
8 Days Bearings with Housin

DODGE P2B-BASO-215 Mounted Units & Inserts

[Aluminum Alloy] 201 No
DD (Contact Rubber S Double

DODGE P2B-BASO-207 Mounted Units & Inserts

6 3200
Steel Open Type

DODGE P2B-BASO-203 Mounted Units & Inserts

18.5 in 4 x M24
1600 rpm 8.1 in

DODGE P2B-BASO-200 Mounted Units & Inserts

7 Days 6
Compact Type Bearings with Housin

DODGE P2B-BASO-115 Mounted Units & Inserts

Bearings with Housin DD (Contact Rubber S
Black Oxide Coating 25 ~ 40

DODGE P2B-BASO-112 Mounted Units & Inserts

Black Oxide Coating 1045 Carbon Steel
25 6

DODGE P2B-BASO-111 Mounted Units & Inserts

DB Back Combination
Standard Flat

DODGE P2B-BASO-107 Mounted Units & Inserts

3.0 mm 340.000 mm
EJ 0.092